Friday, October 2, 2009

Pekingese in Scotland??

I went to Scotland, determined to find a Pekingese there. I looked at each castle, and town, and pub... I found this one at Culzean Castle. No, it isn't a Peke.
These two labs were patiently waiting with their owner. Not Pekingese either.
And look at this boy, sitting quietly with his owner. The dogs in England go everywhere with their owners (not restaurants or most stores, but all over). People walk their dogs everywhere. The dogs are used to other dogs and people. They don't yell and scream because they are used to the dogs and people. The dogs seem to be so obedient. One lady saw me coming and gently tapped her dog with one finger, and he immediately sat and then laid down as I walked by! WOW. Dian (our club treasurer) has dogs like this-- but none of mine are like this. It's my fault. But, I don't take my all over--
Here is the same dog-- he's enjoying listening to the Bagpipers with the rest of us.
Here is another family with their three dogs-- many people had 2 dogs. The dogs were just watching, or laying down-- not barking.
I looked everywhere I went in Scotland to find a Pekingese. I NEVER SAW ONE. But, when I came home, there were four really happy faces, yelling and screaming in excitement (not quiet and obedient like the dogs in Scotland) to see me. Here's Starlight. She was thrilled to have me and HER DADDY home!


lady jicky said...

Linda , they were all hiding under their owners kilts!!!!!!! LOL

Karin said...

That's funny, Malinda :)

In Germany people take their dogs all over too, and they are very well mannered, but they usually only own one dog because they live in apartments.

Only dogs can welcome us home with that much enthusiasm.

lady jicky said...

In Paris they go EVERYWHERE!!!!

I love the French! LOL