Friday, October 23, 2009


Bianca, now BB, came into rescue a month ago. She was from a puppy mill raid in Staunton, VA. She has an eye injury, and timid, and needed help. People were not interested in adopting this little girl who needed surgery. We were interested!
She was at her first foster home for three weeks and believe me, her foster mom did a lot for her-- but this little girl needed a fenced yard to run and play in. She did not know what a leash was.
She came to my house, and decided to learn to read. She pulled a magazine out of my basket-- I think it was Coastal Living. Good choice, BB. But, you can't read MY magazines-- get your own!
She seems happy here-- smiling a lot. She's very timid, doesn't want people to touch her, but she will now come up to me and lick my finger tips.
BB is on the deck with Coco-- BB is a beautiful little girl. Her hair will grow back out and she'll gain confidence.
She loves Max and Scooter-- she's checking out Max and his toy. And check out the Pekingese bag hanging on the door.
Occasionally, she just sits, and rests, but she does love to rough house with Scooter-- he's her favorite dog here. He's LOTS of the foster Pekingese favorite dogs. Check out this video to see them playing-- it's dark, but you can see some of it.


lady jicky said...

Linda, BB wants a night light so she can read her mags in the dark! LOL

claudine hellmuth said...

yay BB! love to see her playing in the video. Love the mags. our Toby loved to rip up paper too. I forgot about that. Thanks for bringing back the happy memory :)