Thursday, October 29, 2009

Puppy Mill Dogs

As you have heard, our group has been asked to help with puppy mill dog that were rescued in one of the worse raids the rescuers have seen. Here are some that our group is probably taking in. I want to thank all of you who are helping-- either by fostering or donating funds to help us do their vet work/care.

Look at this little Peke who is bossing the rest of the dogs in her nice area at the shelter we are working with
The shelter has wonderful "runs" where these dogs have food and water and blankets and warmth and freedom. It is a new shelter and the people are wonderful.
This little Peke wants some attention! They are amazingly friendly -- unusual for dogs who have been in cages their whole lives.
Most have been shaved down. They are being given initial vet care, baths, and love at the shelter. We begin bringing them into our foster homes on Wed. (28th October). We are taking TEN of them. We've had volunteers stepping up to help. THANK YOU!
They all need help, but we can't help them all. For the ones we CAN help, it makes all the difference.
"Can I get really close to the camera?"
"Look at me!"
"I'll get closer so you can have a better look."
This one looks like several I've had-- beautiful faces. Some have eye problems that we'll take care of, but this one seems to be just fine.
We'll have this guy's eyes checked-- or maybe he's just really in awe at all the attention he's getting.
It's so nice to have a comfy place to sleep.
Look at this handsome boy! (I think it's a boy-- the Shih Tzu with him needs helps, too. Hopefully other rescue groups will step forward to help the other small dogs that were taken in.)
We call this guy "Mr. Macho". He's rough and tumble and ready to go! We have a great foster home for him!

Thank you again for all of you who are making it possible for our group to help these little, precious ones.


lady jicky said...

Oh my god Linda - why are people so cruel. I wish they would stop pet shop puppy selling . We have those mills here too. Nice and sneeky - out in the country.
I was in a pet shop last week buying some dry food and this Stupid woman in her late 20's who was with two other stupid women where buying a little cav king charles x puppy - she wanted it because - and I quote "I have just come back from Italy and all the young girls have little dogs that they carry in their handbags" Rrrrr. She did not know how big a cav x with a cocker spaniel would get. Did not know what a cocker was so the evil bitches in the pet shop showed her a photo of one! I could not help myself when she asked if they are easy to look after "You have to make sure their ears are clean . You have to clean them as they have floppy ears and they get infected easily!" I said and she looked shocked . Yeah, you have to do some WORK . The shop girls whipped her down the back away from me (might loose that sale) and I walked out. this is why we have mills. I just know when the novelity wears off and that poor dog gets too bloody big for her bag - it will be dumped at the RSPCA for them to look after it! In the meantime , those creeps who keep on breeding these poor dogs go on too.
May karma get them .
Thank God for people like you all.

claudine hellmuth said...

what cute babies! love the little guy with the white mohawk. thank you for saving them!!!

Praying one day for an end to all puppy mills.

Cris said...

these pups are lucky to be coming into your group! I wish I had the funds to help in some way. At least the look happy and the temporary shelter does look like they are getting excellent care, hopefully none will have any major health issues and they can find homes right away. I hope they all find their forever homes and humans!!! Goodluck!

Karin said...

I understand your frustration, Malinda. I did not realize there were puppy mills in Australia too. I don't understand why they are still around.
Thank-you Linda for all you do and especially for getting the information out there. Those rescued dogs are so sweet.

Anonymous said...

Oh, how I wish I was still there! I'd take them all in if I could!