Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Here are some more pictures from my trip to Scotland. (Oh, I can't wait to go back!!) We went to Edinburg Castle. They had a dog cemetery there for the regimental mascots and officers' dogs.
Here is the area where they were buried.
The view from the Castle over Edinburg was stunning.
I am amazed by the old buildings there-- the castles, the homes, the towns. And most are in amazing shape-- anything from 1800 on is new. I'll share more pictures each day.

Look at this boy-- isn't he cute. He's a senior boy, but so sweet. He came from a rural Virginia shelter where he had been picked up by animal control. His owners knew he was there but wouldn't pay the fee to get him and just left him there-- facing euthanasia. I don't understand some owners. Another group saw him and felt he needed a chance, and they are getting him to us. Taz loves other dogs, loves attention. Even though he has very limited vision, he loves to wander the yard and house and will follow you around.

The wonderful thing is that we already have a home for him!! There are many who know how wonderful these senior dogs are and how grateful they are to just have a chance, a safe place and love.

Thanks for his future mom for wanting to adopt him!!!

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lady jicky said...

On Ya Taz!!!! is that short for Tasmania???? If that is Taz in the cartoons , he is a Tasmanian Devil so Kenzo and Moi Moi send him bonza aussie greetings and all the best for his new home!

* I do not understand how you can have a dog for that long and not pay to keep him either!

Now to Scotland. Your photos look so wonderful and I await for more stories and shots. Wasn't the cemetary sad and yet wonderful for you can see the love and loyality there .