Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ricky Loves LJ

This is Ricky again. I posted him before. He had a siter named Misty-Moo. Misty-Moo died last week at almost 17 years old. She was a little Peke and much loved by Ricky and his mom.
Well, as a surprise, Ricky's mom's friend bought her a Maltese puppy. (I don't recommend surprising anyone with a dog-- people need to choose their own dogs when they're ready, but this worked out just fine.) LJ, the puppy, is a firecracker.
And Ricky adores him! They have so much fun together, so it has all worked out for Ricky! His mom sometimes wonders what she's doing with a puppy that is not a Pekingese, but he is entertaining haha.
And Ricky is a wonderful new big brother!


lady jicky said...

Now Missy Moi has a brother who is half a maltese and she thinks Ricky is Crazy!!! LOL

Missy Moi wants to swap brothers - Ricky can have bad boy Kenzo and she will give LJ a try out! LOL

Anonymous said...

Ricky is a cutie pie, he looks happy to have a new sibling to share his cozy life with :)