Monday, September 14, 2009

Betsy and her Friends

Jill Lee and DiDi welcomed Betsy to their home for fostering.
Here's Miss Betsy at her foster home. She was just adopted, so I know we'll get more pictures of her later. She was from the back yard breeder who kept her in a crate in the woods.
She is such a love bug......You can tell no one has ever loved her before because she is eating up all the attention. She learned to be part of the pack. Her little eyes began to sparkle.

She learned that sharing was fun-- she's in the new raised bed with Jill Lee.

And then, she fell asleep on her own. Life is so good!

Jill Lee has been teaching Betsy to play--- she is ready for a new adventure.

They were together so much in her foster home. But, don't fret== she has a Pomeranian playmate in her new home.

She found a stick on the deck to play with. Everything is new, everything is fun-- she never had so much love before.

Allie and Hanna love their beds, too. Some day I'll get one of those raised bed for my crew-- or maybe I'll get four of them! One for each Peke!

DiDi is laughing because she LOVES her new bed.

Her mom says, "I bet you have never seen anything as pretty as this one.....:)." She's a little partial to this sweet one that she adopted!


lady jicky said...

I am so happy to see that life is sure good for Betsy now. I was a little worried when she was leaving for you could see she loved her new pals but.... she has some at her new home! Perfect!

Karin said...

Jill Lee and DiDi look like the perfect playful friends to help make Betsy feel right at home. I'm so happy Betsy is enjoying every minute of her new life! I don't think we have to worry about her adapting to new surroundings after what she has been through ~ she's a survivor!
I haven't seen those raised beds yet ~ I'm not sure my chubsters could get up there...

Becky said...

Didi is such a pretty peke!