Monday, September 21, 2009

Willie Wonton Part 2

Starlight and Gracie heard that Willie Wonton was about to arrive. Starlight says, "Are you sure?"
Gracie is busy begging for a treat-- she doesn't care when they arrive, as long as she has her cookie first!
They're here! Anna gets to hold Gracie. She really WANTS to hold Starlight-- but you know Starlight. It wasn't going to happen!
Gracie tries to make up for it by giving Anna a big kiss.
And then Willie Wonton got on his mom's lap. He was saved from a local shelter after his owner turned him in because she couldn't afford his eye surgery.
Look at his happy face!
He is such a happy boy-- and so glad he got to come on the trip. Scotty and Suzy had to stay home with their grandmother. So, Willie had a whole week being top dog.
Who could resisit this sweet face. ;-)


lady jicky said...

Yeah Willie! Topdog and all that attension!

Karin said...

What a happy boy!