Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sammie in the Park

Click here: WorldsUgliestDog2 Check out this site-- it's so cute. Okay, okay, some people think this dog is ugly (not Chu-Wei below!), but I think it's kind of cute. Now for a pretty dog, check out Sammie below.
This is Sammie. Look at that Peke stature-- beautiful boy! His owner adopted him from a shelter in 2005 and he is now over eleven years old. Sammie is full of attitude-- sounds like a typical Peke! If his owner leaves an article of clothing on the floor, he picks it up, with head held high, and carries it to another room. Pekes are such proud creatures!


lady jicky said...

I thought that "ugly" Munchkin was a cutie but too fat. I do hope they put him on a diet!

Now to Mr Sammie. He is so elegant and regal - he is what Moi Moi would call "a catch"!!! Wink.

Karin said...

Munchkin sure is a strange-looking dog ~ I agree about the weight ~ looks like he's uncomfortable with that big belly.
Sammie is one beautiful peke!!

Today was "bath day" so all three poms are pouting now, especially Mocha who found a sunny spot under a crabapple tree to ignore me for a while.