Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bianca, New Rescue/SCOTLAND!

For those who sent me guesses on where I went on vacation-- I was in Scotland! Some said they thought it was England, so you were close. Here are some pictures:

The countryside was stunning.
There were so many flowers! The garden here was at Stirling Castle. ( got lots of pictures of flowers and gardens for Jeanne, who fosters in Richmond and is a master gardener).
This is Stirling Castle. Most of the cars there were slimmer than ours-- the roads are not as big as ours. We will rent a smaller car the nex time!

Here is Bianca, our new rescue girl.
Look at this sweetheart parti-color Pekingese. She came to a shelter in Virginia from a puppy mill raid. She had an injured eye that had to be removed-- no sight there and just a place for future problems. Her foster mom is already in love with her.

If you are interested in her, please email me at

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