Monday, September 28, 2009

Happy One Year Birthday Darby! and SCOTLAND

Before we say happy birthday to Darby, here are some "hint pictures" from my trip. Can you guess where I went? It was cold, there were a lot of dogs there. Send me your guesses.

I just received this email from Darby's mom. I can hardly believe it's been a year since she came into rescue, so sick, and needing surgery. I'm so glad she could be helped and then live her life with her new family.

Her mom said this: "Well we celebrated Darby's 1 year "birthday" - its been 1 year since she came to us. We were doing some moving in the house - putting in some new funiture and the particular piece she is laying on was going out. Darby never misses an opportunity to have her picture taken and she needed to be close to me. She wanted to say hi to everyone though and say thanks again for finding her forever home. She went to the vet for her year checkup and her back legs and spine have gotten better with the glucosamine and walks - the vet says she is much improved since he first saw here - thanks again for getting her here. She is a constant joy to us.


lady jicky said...

Happy Birthday Darby and great the doc thinks you are doing so well too!!

Joshie & Jimmy said...

Happy Birthday, Darby!! Sounds like you have the PERFECT forever home:-)
Can't guess about the trip because we know. All I can say is that the pictures are the way we imagined that country to be:-) Also....congrats to you and Matt on your news about an expectant GRANDSON!! How exciting!! Love,
Craig, Sylvia, Joshie & Jimmy Coco