Friday, September 4, 2009


Click here: Saving Furry Friends » What a Rescue is and What it is Not Someone sent me this-- it really spells out what rescue can be and cannot be. I decided to share it.
Campbell has two new sisters. He moved to his new home last week and is trying to be friends. But, all of you who have female dogs know that sometimes they can be SNITS. This is Panda. She is a Japanese Chin-- She is acting like she's being neglected since Campbell came. Oh, can these dogs make us feel guilty!!
I think she's looking to leave-- haha-- but she'll soon love having sweet Campbell around.
Oh, my, she is going to leave-- she's going to drive away! Panda, you cannot leave. HONEST, you will love Campbell.
Prissy is going to join her. I think it's time for some counseling-- YOU WILL LIKE YOUR NEW BROTHER.
Prissy says, "Okay, I'll think about it!" Prissy was adopted 6-7 months ago and she even woke her mom up with a kiss! She has come so far. She was in West Virginia and now lives a life of luxury in Virginia Beach. Hopefully, Panda and Prissy will, in a few weeks, realize Campbell is a great dog-- and they will love it!


lady jicky said...

Well Linda, you know I have a huge soft spot for Campbell.
Girls , get over it!!! The spunk muffin is here to stay!! LOL

claudine hellmuth said...

just found your blog. We lost our peke Toby to Oral Cancer in April. Missing him so much. Here's his little life story.

He was a rescue peke too! bookmarking your site!