Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Farewell to Allie / King Shadow on Rainy Days

I want to give my deep sympathy to Jeanne on the loss of her precious Allie yesterday. Allie was adopted 3 years ago and Jeanne was told she was 3 years old. But, she was probably about 12 when she died. She had not eaten or had any water for 8 days and had been getting fluids twice a day at the vet. Jeanne did everything she could for her sweet girl. I'm so sorry-- I know you miss her, Jeanne. Allie had the best life with you and was loved so much.

Rest in peace, sweet Allie.
King Shadow
Shadow-- also known as King Shadow-- has an idea of what to do on rainy days. Looks good to me!

He reads serious books and eats cookies.

And contemplates how good his life is.

Did someone call?

Shadow is an incredible Peke-- one of my former foster dogs (can it be five years since I had him!?). He has a new Westie friend who his mom says is completely ridiculous. Must be fun at Shadow's house!

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lady jicky said...

I send my deepest sympathy to Allie's family.

A book and biscuits for Shadow - way to go!