Friday, September 11, 2009

Lady in Waiting

Here's Starlight again-- I figure everyone has to have an occasional "dose" of her. She is vegging in the laundry basket-- why do dogs love laundry baskets?? Especially when they have dirty laundry in them. Starlight is still terrified of strangers, but loves us and adores my grandgirls.
Starlight will NOT share her food though. Usually, I just put her in her dining room, also known as the hall bathroom. For some reason, she wanted me to stand there. So, I was the Lady in Waiting-- or maybe Maggie and Cranberry were ladies in waiting, hoping for a snack. (They already ate their dinner, but hey, there's always room for more.)
Starlight couldn't see the other dogs, just me, so she just kept munching away.
And I kept standing there-- oh, this is so exciting! NOT.
Scooter has joined Starlight and Maggie and I quickly said, "stop, stay." And they did. Amazing.
But, they are wondering when Starlight will come out, so that they can go in and check things out.
Starlight is checking around her bowl-- she's almost done. She doesn't want to leave a thing for the rest.
As soon as she leaves, the rest desccend on Starlight's dining room. And they are so disappointed. She didn't leave a morsel.
Starlight went back to make sure, but alas, nothing was there.


lady jicky said...

This is how Madonna must feel after she has been to a restaurant - everyone wants to see and photo what she ordered to eat!

Starlight knows how hard it is to be in the spotlight!!!! LOL

Karin said...

Starlight is such a Diva ~ but with a face like that it's easy to see how she gets away with it:-)