Saturday, September 12, 2009


I have to start with showing you the Peke I just picked up at a shelter yesterday. His name is Scooter (I have a Scooter!). He was horribly neglected by his owner, but in spite of his serious condition, he kept wagging his tail at me and wanting me to pet him. He is only 11 pounds, and will need to gain a little weight, has a serious ear infection and bad skin from fleas. We can fix all this! I had to take him because his sweet personality was just grabbing my heart. He is probably about 8 years old-- so he has many years left. If you are interested in him, please email me at
Chu-Wei is a foster dog in Richmond-- he's with another group, but I wanted to post him on the blog just in case someone might be interested in him. He's obviously a very handsome boy! If you are interested in him, please email:


lady jicky said...

Moi Moi sends kisses to Chu - Wei and hopes he will find a new owner real soon.
He looks like a sweetie!!!!!

Good luck Chu-Wei and we are sending you many, many 888888888888 's - for long life and best of luck!!! The Chinese way!

Karin said...

Scooter and Chu-Wei look like good boys.