Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Willie Wonton Part 3

Anna's goal when she came to Virginia Beach was to hold Starlight-- or even pet her!
Starlight was having none of it. She is still so afraid of strangers. I told her Anna was wonderful, but somehow Starlight didn't not believe me.
Once we went to my house, though, Maggie was more than happy to let Anna hold her!
At Gracie's house, Jane held Gracie, and Anna held Willie-- Starlight still wasn't going for it.
So, Anna hugged her Peke. Willie loved it, of course!
And Max thought sitting by Anna was a great idea.
And my Scooterbug sat up for Tom. Starlight was no where to be found.
Thanks for visiting Willie and family! We loved having you here.

1 comment:

lady jicky said...

I wonder where Starlight got to???

Oh yes, she was on the computer emailing Kenzo and Moi Moi!!!