Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Cowboy, now Yoda, was adopted from us in the fall.   He came to us in terrible shape, but he is doing great in his new home!    
 He has a new sister now!    Her name is Chloe.   Chloe is a special Peke-- they all are.
 Chloe is blind, but it doesn't get in her way at all.    She was rescued by Yoda's parents because they knew she didn't have much chance of being adopted in the shelter.    If people only knew how much these dogs can do without sight-- it's amazing.
 Chloe has a bad eye, and it may be a little odd to look at, but she doesn't need to have it removed.   It doesn't bother her or her parents.    She is so loving and will come up and put her paw on their knees to get attention.
Yoda is protective of his little Peke sister and seems to know she is special.   Give her a pat for me, Yoda!

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lady jicky said...

Oh these are such a sweet pair!!!