Tuesday, January 1, 2013


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!    I wanted to begin the year with telling you about a new adoption.  YIPEE!!   I hope 2013 is a wonderful year for us all.
 Beau-Beau and Lolli-pop came to me from a local shelter last year.  They were here awhile and then went to Kay and Claretta for fostering.    
 They did not want to be foster-failures, because they wanted to keep on giving and fostering.   But, for some reason, Beau and "Pop" (as they call her) were just not getting applications.   As I've said before, I don't get it.    Some are chosen quickly, some are not.
 I met Kay and Claretta in Emporia, Va for the ride to their foster home.
 These two were very attached, Beau being the more needy of the two.  Lolli-pop would play with Beau or anyone else-- or on her own if no one was interested.
Kay and Claretta emailed me and said they love these two to pieces and the dogs love being part of their home.   These two little ones have become part of the home and they are going to stay.   Beau is their shadow and Lolli-pop has a lot of health issues and they are committed to taking care of them.   I'm so glad they kept them-- I will never worry about them.   They are so loved there and I'm blessed to know this wonderful family!


Toni Davis said...

It is so wonderful that they are committed to this pair! They are such a handsome pair and I just know the humans and the fur babies will be so happy!

lady jicky said...

I am so happy they are to be together for ever!

Great start for 2013 Linda !!!