Thursday, January 31, 2013


Just got an update on Lady-- she saw the opthalmologist yesterday and her eyes are dramatically improved!!   She may even have a little sight in one.   She is now relaxed and happy and knows she is loved!   YAHOO!!
 Lady was found in the WV mountains, wandering alone.   It was really cold and she was extremely thin.   A kind woman found her and took her to the vet where she would be safe. The vet said she wouldn't have lasted the next day as the temperatures really dropped.    (The lady had three big dogs at home and didn't feel she would be safe there. She paid for her boarding and she was safe and fed.)
 I called the vet to verify that this was a Peke-- did she have bowed legs, etc.  They said yes.  So, we took her.  Do these legs look bowed to you?  Nope-- she's a Japanese Chin.   She is also blind, and old, and has a heart murmur and enlarged heart.    BUT, her transporter fell in love with her when she brought her to her home in N.Va.    So, Lady has a home!  
Lady is settled in and happy and will have a happy life, however long it is.   She has discovered toys and is giving two of her squeaky toys a fit! One of them is half her size so it's hard to see who is winning but it's the first time she has been really light hearted. I know this makes her new mom and dad so happy! 
And just when we think things will settle for awhile, we get another one.    This is Champagne Bubbles-- named for her color and personality.   Look for more on her blog in a few days.

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lady jicky said...

I am so happy for Lady and hope her life is alot better now and with the care she will get - alot longer .