Sunday, January 20, 2013


Gracious was hoping for a new home-- and she got one!
Jeanne drove her past Charlottesville, VA to meet her new family.   I love the mountains there.
She met her new human sister.
Gracious is so beautiful and we're so glad she came to our rescue (thanks Kay and Claretta!).
Look who was adopted!!  Gracious is off to her new home today-- I love people who will adopt the seniors.  They are so deserving of a loving home!!    YIPPEE for Gracious!    Here's what her new mom said, "We are settling in. We went for a walk this evening. We have new bed, blanket and toys! Her new sister (human) has been the doting mom with her all evening! They are hanging out in the family room."

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lady jicky said...

We are very happy for her too!!!