Sunday, January 27, 2013


My Cranberry has degenerative disc disease, so she has a lot of trouble getting around.
She loves the snow, though, and must have done her snow dance to get the snow to come to us in S.E. Virginia.  
I put her coat on and we went out so she could enjoy it.
It must have been like a shot in the arm-- or leg-- for her.   Her younger self came out.  Cranberry is over 11 now, but she acted younger in the snow.   I would think the cold would make her spine worse, but for some reason, she seemed to be better out in the cold.   (Lucinda, can you explain this?)
"Is there more snow coming?"
"Let me check.   I'm sure there is more somewhere."
Cranberry wandered around the yard for awhile.  
And Beach Bit wandered with her.     He loved the snow, too!   Here are some videos of Cranberry-- she was speedy in these!

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lady jicky said...

Miss Cranberry is like my Coco - bad back probs.
We wish her tons of fun in the snow and I would have thought the cold would have painful for her back too!