Thursday, January 10, 2013


 Bessie and Puggy are a very bonded pair of sisters in our foster care.    We really want them to be adopted together.  
 Their foster mom says they aren't very photogenic, but I think they're adorable!   It IS hard to get a good picture of a black Peke because it all seems to blend together.   Puggy doesn't care.    It looks like she just wants a treat!
Bessie has the cutest underbite, and beautiful coloring!   For some reason, we have taken in quite a few black and white ones.    And they are all nice dogs.
 They both came into rescue overweight, but are doing much better now. They were turned in when their owner was in the hospital (and went into hospice care).     Her husband wouldn't even let them in the house when their mom was in the hospital and we were able to help these two.  
 Bessie is so happy now-- they are both precious dogs.  They are three years old and so have many years to love a family.
 They just want a home to call their own forever.    They have lots of kisses to give and love doing that.
If you are interested in this sweet pair, let us know.

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lady jicky said...

They are so cute and I do hope they get adopted together... that is the way it should be!