Monday, January 21, 2013


I "lost" these in my emails.   (I'm still working on getting number to stay below 100!)   I had to post pictures of sweet Ginny Lee.     She got this new fluffy dog bed and healthy snacks.   She also received a necklace for her picture.   She tolerated it for a bit but wasn't going to wear it long.   
Ginny Lee has a game she plays at bedtime.   She likes to play hide and seek and her mom calls it her "undercover monster attack."    She said she makes the most amazing noises!   Her mom wrote this:   "Our kids have read up all about pekingese and think it's funny that pekingese are one of the oldest dogs around and genetically very close to the wolf. They imagine Ginny feels her wild wolf relative connection every time she walks around the yard on her harness and leash and rests on "her" couches and beds especially if the moon is out. She still holds vigil against invader cats from next door. If she sees one out the window or front door she starts her fussing with a sound that sounds like Ewoooooooohhh (paraphrase "I want it") then barks and can even make a strange chirp whistle sound. Unique and very personality filled. So Soooo Cute !"  

Ginny obviously has a GREAT home!!    I love the updates!!

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lady jicky said...

Now that is a cool bed Ginny Lee!