Thursday, January 17, 2013


Tiffany is one of our great foster  moms.    Today is her birthday!!    I asked her why they foster and this is what she said:   "Mike and I stated fostering because we knew we couldn't adopt every dog in need, but by fostering we can help save so many more lives. Dogs/cats/etc who have been abused, or abandoned cannot help themselves, they have to rely on good people to save them. The problem is a lot of good people don't want to be involved because it makes them too sad to hear the stories or see the pictures, so they prefer to pretend those animals don't exist. If everyone does this, there will never be an end to amount of animals that are abused/neglected by bad owners and killed in shelters through no fault of their own. I choose not to look away. Instead, I choose to help an animal in anyway that I can. Fostering is a great means of helping a pet in need. In turn, they give me unconditional love and trust. They've taught me patience and what really matters in life. Knowing that you helped save a life is an incredible feeling that is better than any gift under a Christmas tree or any birthday present. For us, it has brought meaning to our lives and given us a purpose.
They are fostering Rex now, he's older, but we have a place for him.    He just needed some care and Tiffany and Mike are giving it.   Thank you and Happy Birthday!

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Ginkgo's Daddy said...

Happy Birthday, Tiffany! And thanks for being a great foster mom. Wish there were more people like you and Mike. Rex is a lucky boy, and I'm sure a gift everyday!