Saturday, January 26, 2013


 Annabelle has been in her new home for awhile now-- this tiny girl is very content there!
 Look at the sweet face-- you wouldn't think she wanted to be boss, would you? :-)
 Think again!!  
 She wants to boss JoJo, who is hiding in the blankets.  She can do things to him, and he shrugs it off, but if he does it to her, on my!   (JoJo really just loves to get into the pile of blankets.)  
 She wants to boss the stuffed animals, too.  Take that!
 Annabelle loves her toys.    She would have them out all the time to play with them whenever the mood hits her.  Her mom keeps them in a basket on the table next to the computer-- and if Annabelle wants one, she comes over to growl and bark as if to say, II want to play with a toy."  If that doesn't work, she'll scratch on something-- anything-- to get her attention.   And then she'll give her a piecing stare until a toy is given to her.  
 Sometimes, JoJo wants to play with a toy and little Annabelle can be a pill if she wants the same toy.   Poor JoJo.    Looks like he has it now though.
And Annabelle got it back-- and is balancing it over her.  Toys, glorious toys!   These two are as different as night and day-- and both loved so much!  

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lady jicky said...

Jojo - stop Annabelle bullying you !! LOL