Monday, January 14, 2013


 Sweet Teddy has been in foster care awhile-- some are chosen quickly and some wait.    How could someone resist this smile?
 I asked his mom why they foster and she said, "We foster because we wanted to return the affection and joy that our succession of pekingese have brought to us over the years. For us, it was time to say thank you to the breed that has enriched our lives for more than 30 years."
 Sometimes his foster mom, Beth, calls him Teddy Bear Blue because he's a sweet teddy bear.  
 His foster dad, Dave, called him Ted or even Theodore!    Oh, there's that tongue!  
 Here's Teddy with his favorite toy.    It squeaks and he loves the noise.
 Thee are five Pekes in this picture-- can you find Teddy?
He's waiting for his forever home.  Is it yours?


Ginkgo's Daddy said...

Is Teddy sticking out his tongue because he doesn't like the names Ted or Theodore? Or is it the purple bow tie? You are a handsome boy, Teddy! I don't know why you haven't been adopted into your furever home. I would love to adopt you, but "the boss" Ginkgo says she is the ONLY Peke/dog in our household. She wouldn't mind more cats to chase and intimidate!

Toni Davis said...

Teddy is absolutely handsome. I can't imagine why someone hasn't grabbed him upon sight. Teddy could come to me but I am on Pekeoverload! (new word)

lady jicky said...

I am doing an Adoption Dance for sweet Teddy!!!