Thursday, June 8, 2017


 Rosie was turned into a NC shelter.  She was 15.  (We don't know if her owner died or what happened.)  We were asked if we could help.
 She was a little Albino girl, with hearing and vision issues.   But, she deserved to live out her short life in a home with love.   We could do that.  But, only if someone would foster her.  Barbara offered to do that.
 She met the transporter and brought her home.   Rosie can hear and see a little-- she is so sweet.
 We found out she is not spayed-- so hard to hear that.  At 15, surgery could be tough for this old girl.   She also has some mobility issues, like my Floyd.  
Her foster mom, Barbara, feels that Rosie is a little star.  Her little eyes shine.  When you pick her up, she looks at your trustingly.  She never strikes out, never snaps, just looks toward you with a sweetness that makes us so glad we could give her a loving final home until it's time to go.   Thank you to all who help us so that we can do this rescue work.   Thank you from all of us who are part of the rescue team.


LadyJicky said...

That was just so great of Barbara to foster this sweet old girl.
Rosie looks so gentle and loving.

Lost Earring said...

Bless you and foster mom Barbara for making this little girl's life worthy of her with love, food and home.

CarolAnn said...

Such a sweet story. Rosie will live out her last years with an amazing foster. There may be thorns to her past but nothing but beauty in her future! Rock on sweet girl!