Friday, June 9, 2017


 Of all my Pekes, Max can be the messiest (and the grumpiest!).  His hair is like velcro that picks things up in the yard.  
 I can brush him, and then one shake, and he's a mess again.  
 He loves to lay in this spot in the yard, so if anything is there, it will come back in with him.  He will stay out there for a long time.
 He has a lot of hair.
 He saw Mattie's hair cut and was a little jealous.   (I had trimmed Max some, but he needs a professional cut.)
 He is a boy, so he cannot have pink bows, but he can be handsome.
 Ta-Da!  Isn't he handsome.   He is still grumpy though.  (Beach Bit is helping me write this story.)
Starlight had her summer cut (which I was able to do since she is very patient with me).  Post pictures of your dogs with their summer cuts. :-)


LadyJicky said...

No cuts here ..... its winter and I had Coco up to the Vet today .... she has bronchitis!
Poor thing .... so we are starting the tablets and I will have to cage her at night so she does not get out that doggy door and sit in the cold!!!

LadyJicky said...

Oh Linda ..... forgot ... Max looks handsome with his summer cut!

Lost Earring said...

Max looks very handsome.

Our Bandit has that classic Peke very long hair, flowing hind-quarters hair, underneath long hair and his legs are the same way. It looks so pretty that I just hate cutting it but he brings most of the back yard into the house every trip he makes. Twigs, cut grass or anything out there. Plus he chooses to sun himself in a spot that is total dirt near the wheelchair ramp so he's dirty and needs cleaned up constantly.

I hate the thought of giving him a cut but I think he's going to wear me out cleaning him up like he is now.