Saturday, November 11, 2017


 Meet Abbey.   Sugar Bit calls her Abbey-dog. 
 Her mom is out of town, so she came to visit.
 She loves it here.  She stayed with us for awhile earlier this year while her mom had surgery and Abbey got so attached to my husband.   
 This time, she has adjusted so quickly.  She wants to play.
 Abbey is almost 2 years old and mine are all old, and they don't want to play.
 But, Poof did.   You can see the blur as they whirl around each other.
 Abbey did much more moving. 
 Poof has a broken hip that cannot be fixed (injury is too old), but she was doing great keeping up.
 Abbey got into the play bow-- she was thrilled!
 They played and played-- Poof stayed in a small area, turning and wagging her tail.  She was having a great time. 
 And then, they were both exhausted!   Abbey curled up on a quilt. 
Poof found some pillows on the floor and fell asleep.   I think I'll see a lot more of this while Abbey is here!   FUN!


LadyJicky said...

Linda has a house guest I see!!!! :)

Lost Earring said...

There's nothing like a happy Pekes story to set the world to rights on a frosty cold morning or any morning for that matter.

Thank you Linda Maxwell for giving so many of us a mental boost for the day. Poof and Abbey-Dog are both bringing some very lucky people a world of enjoyment and love.