Saturday, November 25, 2017


Farewells are hard to do, but I feel it's so important to honor the lives of these sweet Pekes.    Smokey is one of those really sweet Pekes.   
 Smokey belonged to one of our wonderful adopters. 
 He was a wonderful boy who was the least aggressive Peke they have ever know. 
 He was 15, and had lost his litter mate to a stroke four and a half years ago.
 They loved to greet their neighbors and race for home when it was in sight. 
 Smokey kept looking for his brother after he died, running to other dogs to sniff at them.
 They were a beautiful pair.   Smokey's owners decided that he needed a friend and they adopted a sweet pair from us. 
 They knew Sammy would want that for his brother.
Two years ago, they adopted ChaCha and Poncho.   They kept Smokey company and he was part of a group again.   They were together and happy, but Smokey left them a few weeks ago.  It was so sad to lose him, but his owners knew he would be joining his brother, Sammy and they could run and play again.    I know ChaCha and Poncho miss him, but now Smokey can run free.   You were loved, sweet boy.


LadyJicky said...

Thoughts go out to Smokey's wonderful owners - he will be so missed.

Unknown said...

It's sad but to have friends on both sides makes it easier ��