Wednesday, November 22, 2017


 A Maryland shelter asked us to take in this six year old who is so sweet.
 He is only 11 pounds and a perfect little man.   He is a stunning tri-color Peke. 
 He had his check up and everyone loved him.
 He is temporarily at Robin's while he gets his initial vetting.
 He will need to be neutered and then will be ready for adoption.  (We do put a hold on adoptions during the Christmas week as there is too much chaos in most homes for a new dog to adjust to.)
 Buddy Love (we added to his name) was named after a character in the Absent Minded Professor movies if you remember any of those.   He will not be in rescue long! 

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LadyJicky said...

No he will not be in rescue long ......... Buddy is on his way to Australia!!! LOL

Oh .... I would love him but sadly he has no passport so he is not going to Oz :(

Doing an adoption dance right now Linda !!!