Wednesday, November 1, 2017


 Phoebe, formerly Peaches, came into rescue in August.   We were told she was 13, but after doing "research" aka detective work, we found out she was born in 2010-- she was only 7!   Her owner died and the family put her in the shelter. 
She went to Amee's for fostering and Amee fell in love with this little pistol!   Phoebe wrote me an email and I just had to share how she's doing. 
"Hello, Miss Linda,
This is Phoebe. I think you knew me as Peaches. My mom said October 17 is officially my gotcha day. I think that means that I am going to stay. That makes me so happy.  Mom is great and I love living here.  I had my teeth fixed and I am eating good food and I was even good for the groomer.

My mom calls me a little bit of a cujo. I get a little territorial when someone else gets too close to her and when I act up I have to go to my quiet space. I don't like that and I start to sing and cry. Then mom comes and gets me. I really like people though and kids. 

Thank you for rescuing me
Love Phoebe

PS mom says I remind her so much of her Darby. She must have really loved her.....i know she will love me just as much🐶🐶
I think Phoebe and Starlight have shared some of their secrets to getting their way-- I'm just glad she has her forever home!

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LadyJicky said...

I am so happy for Miss Phoebe..... plus that girl knows how to get her own way!!! LOL