Monday, November 13, 2017


 Suzy Q was adopted by Anna in 2008.  I remember her adopting her.   Suzy Q was in a shelter and had so many medical problems, but the day they brought her home was a celebration.
 Suzy Q had substantial medical issues. 
 She was blind and had auto-immune issues.    But, it didn't get in her way of having joy in her life.
 Anna and her husband were not put off by this.  They wanted this sweet girl.
 They had fun on walks, going to the beach with Willie or others who lived there.   She was 14 when she died early this morning. 
Suzy Q had such a will to live and Anna's was the perfect home for her.   She was loved by many, including Anna's mom, above.   Fun free now, sweet girl.   Many of your friends were there to greet you. 


Unknown said...

Farewell little girl��.

LadyJicky said...

What a brave girl Suzy Q was and what a wonderful life Ms Q had with Anna and her family !
Oh she will be so missed.

Anna Saar said...

Thank you Linda -- for your beautiful tribute to our beloved SuzyQ. We learned so much from her -- patience, optimism, courage and love! She will forever have a piece of our hearts. We miss her terribly but will always cherish the many wonderful adventures we shared. Love, Anna, Tom, Willy, Bink and Oliver. And Peke-Grandmom Helle Saar too! <3