Monday, January 16, 2017


Ty-Ty came to me with three other Pekingese in 2010.   They were turned into animal control by their owner to avoid charges.  
Ty-Ty was very timid, but he loved the others and was so sweet.
He loved roaming the yard, and playing with his friends.
He adored toys!   He made a stash of them, his own collection.
He was adopted to a wonderful home near me and had a new best friend, Snuggy.  
Snuggy was a beautiful boy, but he passed away right before Christmas.  Ty-Ty needed a new friend.  He was grieving the loss of his buddy.
I went to visit them on Saturday.  Snuggy is still the beautiful Peke I remember.  He really needed to have a friend, and so he (I mean his parents!) adopted Mowgli.  
I was able to meet Mowgli-- MoMo-- and of course, I took a lot of pictures!   You'll see more of their story tomorrow!

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LadyJicky said...

How lovely .... a new friend.