Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Look at this sweet boy!   His name is Smushie.
He came to us from a Maryland shelter and was heartworm positive.   PLEASE give your dogs monthly heartworm preventative-- it can say the dogs so much.  
Smushie is over 8 and has successfully completed his heartworm treatment.  It takes months, but now he is ready for a forever home.
 He has a heart murmur, but it is not bad at all.   Many dogs have heart murmurs (one of mine does) and it doesn't cause them any trouble and they don't necessarily need medication.  
 He has some arthritis, but again, he gets around great.  
 He has some hearing loss, and can't see from one eye- but dogs compensate so well.   This may sound negative, but it's not.    Most dogs over 8 begin to have some sight and hearing problems, but that doesn't diminish their ability to love and be happy.
 He really is a perfect little man-- well, maybe not so little. :-)
 He gets along with all the dogs and cats in his foster home, and he is low energy, perfect for someone who doesn't want an overly active dog.  
 He loves to be near you and is a sweetheart.
If you love the seniors like I do, this may be the perfect dog for you.   Smushie wears a belly band in the house, his britches/pants, and he doesn't mind a bit.   He is really a wonderful boy.   If you'd like to adopt him, email potomacpekes@gmail.com.  

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lady jicky said...

I love the older ones too and Mr Smushie is so handsome!

Doing a Smushie Dance for a great adoption for him Linda !!!!!