Tuesday, June 17, 2014


 I was trying to get a good picture of Lexie while she ate-- little did I know that my husband was taking MY picture as I took Lexie's picture.   Oh, the things that go on behind my back haha.  Starlight was keeping an eye on me, too.   I have an xpen in the study next to my desk where I can keep an eye on her.
 Lexie has started becoming more alert-- at first (on Saturday), she just laid there, her red blood count was at 10, and the very lowest it should have been was 25.  This was a sick little girl.  She was so dehydated.  And she had not had enough food for a very long time.   I carry her in and out and Koko is here with her (Koko is also available for adoption).   If you think your dog may be dehydrated, check for these:  (Roger sent me these, thanks!)

1. Gently pinch the skin. It should immediately fall. If it stays up (skin tent) there is dehydration.
2. Touch the gums. They should feel moist. There should be no "stickiness" to them and your finger should release very easily.
3. Gently press an area of the gums until it goes white and release. It should turn pink again in no more than 2 seconds.
Dehydration is VERY serious.   Thankfully, Lexie is much better.

 Lexie is getting fed every few hours during the day and she is eating every bit.  Her stomach must have shrunk so small that I don't want to over feed her, so she gets a lot of meals to build up her body and her spirit.
 The other dogs are so used to new ones coming that they just assume she's part of the pack.    My Scooter (in the middle) and Koko are happy for her to join them  in the sunshine.
 She looking around-- checking out this new happy place that she is living in now.
 Scooter is checking to make sure she is okay.   He's my little therapy dog for all the new ones who come-- he's a gentle spirit and so sweet.
Lexie felt very safe next to him.   Scooter is almost 13-- a birthday blog will be coming soon!
 She found a spot on the porch with us and she kept an eye on everyone.
She will take time to heal, but I know she will-- she is only 5 years old and has a long, good life in front of her!    I'm so glad we are able to help you, Lexie!   Thank you to all who are becoming "Lexie-buddies" and helping with her care!  

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lady jicky said...

Ms Lexi is such a sweet one Linda and Scooterbug is so special .... I hope he is having a great birthday party soon ---- you know his Aussie Girlfriends wish they could attend but .... :(
Moi and Coco are sending kisses to him !