Saturday, June 28, 2014


 Scooterbug came to us in September of 2001.   He was just a puppy and adorable!
 He loves the snow....
 and is a goofy boy!
 He welcomed many foster dogs here and was so good with each one of them.  He was the first to greet them, and would let them know, in his own special way, that they were safe here and that they had a friend.
 His tongue has always seemed to be too big for his mouth-- but that just gave him some charm.
 He has been a bright-eyed addition to our home for 13 years now. He's with foster Bailey here.
 He is not a young boy and he is a little slower now.
 But, he is still the sweetest thing.   Here he is with brother, Max.
 He sleeps a lot now, and has  liver issues.   Last year, he was in a coma for 3 days, but came out of it.    I didn't think we'd have him another year.
 Here he is with Kai Kai.     Scooter gets along with everyone.
 I love his silly expressions and happy personality.
 He is on the L/D diet to support his liver, he's on liver health meds and seizure and thyroid meds.   He takes meds for arthritis.... But, he's still here and we love him!
Happy Birthday, thirteen years old, to my special boy!!  We love you, Scooterbug!!

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lady jicky said...

Happy Birthday to our Sugar Daddy Scooterbug!!!

Kisses from your girlfriends Moi and Coco from Oz !