Wednesday, June 4, 2014


 I know what Starlight was thinking-- is Camp Runamuck in session again??   I'm hiding out!
 Yes, Camp Runamuck was in full swing-- six grandbits were here (2 are my niece's children-- she is like my third daughter!).    I think we got up to 9 dogs-- two were big ones and 7 Pekes.  
 The two boy bits, Beach Bit and Drill Bit were headed into the waves at the bay.
 Maddie, the puppy came.   She LOVES the water-- retrieving her tennis ball in the water is the best!
 She will do it over and over and over-- you get the point.
 This is the dog my daughter found in a ditch off the interstate at 10 weeks of age.   She's going on 6 months now.   She's going to be a big girl!
 We threw tennis balls and the Bits played in the water.  
 Beesey Bit loved it!  
 Her brother, Cowboy Bit, loved it, too!   We weren't sure what his reaction would be, but he was all for the water.
 He face planted a few times and thought it was great.
 "Stay out of my way, Maddy!"
 Beach Bit's dad held up the sunbrella.   Tough job, but the wind was blowing and someone had to do it.
 The boy bits decided to sunbathe-- don't worry, they were covered in sun screen and they were there just long enough for me to get this picture.
 Then, they were up and running again, in their matching Thomas the Train suits.
 The day  wasn't over yet.  Back home to grill.   Kai Kai did NOT understand why the motorcycle was in the doggy door.
 The kitchen was full of people cooking -- too many cooks in the kitchen?   This is pretty normal at my house!
 We put the kids on the porch and then we celebrated Lil Bit's 11th birthday and graduation from elementary school-- ice cream cake and presents!
Rammi had had enough.    He has been SO incredible with all the chaos, but he decided to sit with my son in law and get away from it all.   Is there room for me?    If you ever need me and can't get me, you'll know why.   Camp Runamuck is often in session!   (Are you tired yet, Peggy? ;-) )

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lady jicky said...

Oh it looks so warm there and the beach .... lovely !

Its winter here and I have just moved my car in from the street in the rain. Brrrrr
Ooooo very cold here now but the "girls" are in their beds with tons of blankets in the kitchen .

My two girls sleep in our kitchen all the time :)