Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Look at this sweet little girl. We took her into rescue two years ago. Her new mom fell in love with her quickly even though she was looking for a younger one. I keep saying I wish people would adopt older ones-- they deserve to be loved, to have that special home to live forever. They may have less years left, but not less love.Chloe was born on Valentine's Day in 2001-- in China! So, she is now 11 years old. One person asked her mom-- how old is she? Her mom said 11, and the person said, "eleven months?" Nope! But, she sure looks wonderful.Chloe loves to ride in the car, stand on the seat and look out the window. A lot of other drivers give really cute looks back when they see her. Her mom says she look like a mix of a koala bear and a seal pup. (Melinda, what do you think about the koala bear look? You see those more than we do!)Chloe is very protective of her mom if another dog runs up too fast. Chloe barks as if to say, "Leave my Mom alone!" So Peke like! I love it. Chloe also has another Peke trait-- she snores! And her mom said it can get rather loud sometimes. This was Chloe when she first went to her new home. She was happy,but her new look-- "puppy cut"-- is adorable! And her mom is a very proud parent!

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Donna Campbell said...

Henry looked just like Chloe! That little white face and the snoring. That is how I knew where he was by his snoring which is loud. I would love another white Peke but my husband informs me I'm not over having to put down my Henry. He may be right but there are other babies that need our help.