Saturday, June 9, 2012


Munchy and Dusty were my foster dogs in 2006. They were so cute! Here they were then-- Dusty was the daddy. Munchy is much smaller, and has long flowing ears. They are now ten and twelve years old. I can't believe it.Dusty was camera shy, but I got a lot of pictures of Munchy, who loved the camera.He had a Virginia Tech scarf on. He looked very spiffy!Look at that sweet face. They love their mommy! And she loves them-- they are her whole world.Munchy loves toys-- but he doesn't want to share. Gee, I know a few dogs like that. :-)I was so glad I was able to stop by and see them. I hope to do it again. They usually bark at strangers but they seemed to remember me-- I loved that! It's great to see my former fosters and know how well they are doing.


lady jicky said...

Two happy, happy dogs!!!

Chris said...

Look at the smiles! I just love seeing dogs who get to be pampered dogs instead of dogs who can only worry about food and health and love. These are beautiful pictures!!