Monday, June 4, 2012


My picture was posted on the blog a few days ago. But, now you get to see a close up! I was picked up from the shelter by Essie and I know everyone is so glad she did.I'm smiling all the way to the vet to meet Dr. Lucinda Hodges and her husband, Roger, They are going to take care of me for a bit.I'm all set to go!I can see you! Look at me smile.We arrived at the vet. I know this is a good place to be, so I think I'll check it out.I'm up on the table now. Dr. Hodges is going to check me out and make sure I'm okay. She has a soft spot for Pekingese-- she had to give me a hug.She thinks I'm very cute-- I kind of have a bad hair cut right now, but soon, I'll be just beautiful!Roger had to come in and hold me, too. I wonder if he'll take me home with him. I hear they have a lot of Pekingese at their house. That would be fun!For now, I'll just relax, maybe take a nap and enjoy all the love and attention I'll be receiving.


lady jicky said...

Come on Doctors - one more Peke won't hurt!!! LOL

Doris Sturm said...

So he is boarding there?

Linda said...

Yes, he is staying at the vet or the vet's home until we find a foster home for him.