Saturday, June 2, 2012


I want you to meet Milo, the 6-7 months old puppy we just took into rescue. I already have a home for him, so don't apply for him. He's going to live with Harper! I'm so excited that Harper will have a new friend. Milo is an adorable 11 pounder.Milo had her first vet visit and he did so well. Look how brave he was!Then, back to his foster mom, Laura's house. Mika, and Luca were very good about having him there-- and Milo just curled up on Luca's back.Laura is enjoying every moment of it! I told her, "don't fall in love." But, how can you help it! Milo is so cute!Just look at that sweet face.His favorite spot is with another dog. I have always had at least two Pekingese, and they love the company."Luca, will you be my best buddy while I'm here.""I'm so glad."Being anywhere with his buddies is fine with him. Mika isn't keen on this new one-- she'll growl at him to tell him he's in her space, and he's confused. "How could you not love me?" I had Mika as a foster puppy six years ago and she was a bossy puppy! Guess that didn't change. :-)Milo's fur is soft and silky. His hair is tipped with black so his ears have long black fur hanging down-- when he's an adult Peke, he will be stunning. He has long black whiskers on his face.Right now, he still has a puppy belly and sharp little teeth. Part of "puppy charm.""Are you writing about me?" Yes, I am you cute thing!The tip of his tongue often pokes out through his teeth-- and you know how cute I think that is! He'll be ready to go to his new home soon!!


lady jicky said...

Puppies are so cute!

cby said...

What a cutie pie! I am so excited for Harper and his family. How perfect is that?