Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fourth Of July Safety and Stewie

It's Fourth of July-- a day we celebrate our freedom in America. I have friends from other countries who read ths blog, so I know they're not as familiar with our holidays.
Of course, I still have to have Peke pictures on the blog! Even if it IS a holiday!! This is Stewart, or Stewie. The first picture is of him when Tammy got him. He was sick and traumatized by all he'd been through.
But, look what love and care do!!! This is Stewie now! Can you believe the difference! We see this a lot in rescue-- a dog that looks like all you can do is let them go-- but we fight for them! We get them medical care and good food, and time to heal. And it makes a difference. One little dog at a time, it makes a difference! And Stewie is proof. Thank you Tammy, from all of us. And give Stewie a hug from me.
FOURTH OF JULY ++++++++++
For many of us who have dogs, the Fourth of July can be a very stressful day for our pets. The loud noises of firecrackers and fireworks can cause many of the dogs to go into panic. I know I have to sedate two of mine if there is even a thunder storm! Your vet can tell you what is best for your pet. Some may advise you to use benydryl, but for mine, that isn't enough. Xanax and acepromazine are also choices that you can get from your vet.

Please make sure your pets are not outside-- there are times when an animal can be so terrified that they can break out of the most secure yard. Or they can injure themselves trying. Keep them away from balconies, and open windows. The best thing you can do is to keep them securely in your home, or in the bedroom, where you have a TV or radio on- LOUD enough to block out some of the noises. They may still try to hide, but they will be safer in a more confined area.

Keep identification on your dogs/pets all the time, but especially on this holiday.

An article discussing all this is on a web site: Click here: Helping Your Dog Cope with Loud Thunder and Fireworks


Jeanne said...

oh my goodness.....what a difference love can make. Great story and great ending. He is way to cute.....

lady jicky said...

happy Independance day to you all.

My word, Stewie looks so much better. It could be two different dogs Linda!
What great work you all do!

Karin said...

Stewie doesn't even look like the same dog ~ poor little guy. I'm thankful he's happy and loved now.
We are Mocha's third home. His first home was very neglectful according to his second owner, who said she had to give him numerous baths until his fur was white again. Other dogs bullied him and urinated on him and made him mean. He's a big sweetheart now and follows me into every room.
You have obviously seen so many cases like Stewie's and improve so many dogs' lives rather than giving up on them ~ Bless You!

Karin said...

Oops, I forgot to thank you for the great advice on loud noises, etc.
I always have some "Ace" on hand.

Tammy said...

Thanks for all of the lovely comments regarding my little man Stewie. He is a dear little guy who went through an aweful lot. Fortunately he is now happy, healthy, healed and in charge. He and I both appreciate your kindness and wish you all the best for the remainder of the holiday weekend every day thereafter.
Tammy and Stewie