Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Ricky was one of my foster dogs who was adopted five years ago. He lives down the street and comes for play days sometimes. He and Scooter are best friends!
Ricky and Scooter love to roam around the yard together.
Ricky is thinking of going down the steps. But, wait, maybe something else is happening on the deck.
Let me sit down here-- Hey Scooter, come on over!
Ricky is so happy to have brown Pekingese book-ends!!! Scooter on the left and Max on the right. Ricky loves being the "center of attention."
Look at these happy faces!!! I love these three boys!
They're sharing secrets!
Now it's Scooter's turn.
Wait, where did Scooter go? I see his tail.
I know someone else is up here.
Oh, there Maggie is the back, and Max looking at his ball-- the ever-present tennis ball! Ricky is trying to figure out why Max is so attached to it! I'm trying to figure out the same thing!
Ricky, you're a great dog! I love having you come visit!


lady jicky said...

Oh aren't they all sweet! I love the bookends with Ricky in the middle too!
Kenzo has a thing for tennis balls as well. Now, he would love to come over and have a game with the gang!

Karin said...

What a happy gang! It's so nice they can all play together!