Monday, July 10, 2017


 Lola just came into rescue this week-end.
 She is just passing through my home.
 I have some visitors, so we can't have anymore here right now.  Fluffy butts abound!
 Max was giving his opinion I think. haha
 "Who are all these dogs?"
 Kai Kai wondered who the new girl was.
 And Lola said, "Who are all these dogs?"
 Floyd seemed to like Lola a lot.
 Are you having a little crush?
 What a cute pair.
 I call her Lala, too-- all kinds of nicknames for the ones here.
 Yes, Floyd, she moved.
 "Please come down!"
 The Bits were introduced to her.
 As soon as she saw children, her tail began to wag.
 Please pet me!
 And everyone did.
 We have had one female-- Starlight-- for so long, that we're not sure what to do with all the girls!
 Mattie is so happy that we have another.  I call our house "Switzerland" in the Peke world-- we are neutral and everyone has to get along.  And for the most part, they do.
 Time for kisses.
 OH, a little one!
 Lola is more excited!
 She is trying to figure out the doggy door to the porch-- I think she's got it!
 She loves to snuggle on the couch.  She is young, only 2 years old, so she has a long, fun life ahead of her.
 She is used to free-feeding, but that won't work in my house with all the special diets.  So, she ate breakfast on the porch.
She won't be in rescue long!!


Lost Earring said...

What a special girl Lola is, whatever is thrown at her she's willing to give it a look-see and a chance. It's so cute with Floyd checking her out.

A Pekingese Switzerland ...cute.

Teresa Jura said...

Beautiful baby girl❤

Joanna Flowers said...

Oh my she's precious!!! I lost a pekingese 2 years ago whose name was Lola! How much is she?

Joanna Flowers said...

Oh she's precious! I lost a pekingese 2 years ago whose name was Lola! How much is she?