Wednesday, July 5, 2017


 Do you remember Prince?  He came to us from a Maryland shelter last November and he was in rough shape.
 He had a bad eye, a heart murmur, and lots of digestive issues.  His foster mom, Kim did everything for him and was so attached to him that she adopted him.
 I just got an update on him.  He is so sweet and is so loved!
 He is doing so well.  He had a surprise in the pool when he ran out a door and straight into the water!  He did not know it was there, but his mom grabbed him immediately.  What a shock he had!   He began to paddle-- but he could not figure out how he got so wet!
 He has a new summer hair cut and is ready for summer-- as long as it does not involve a pool!
You look great, sweet boy!  I'm so glad you have a forever home!


Lost Earring said...

Yet another beautiful story with a happy ending from Potomac Rescue. Sweet Prince found a sweet foster/forever home and I love seeing him doing so well. He has the sweetest little face.

LadyJicky said...

I do remember Prince! He has come a long way with wonderful help from his Mum.
I am glad he got out of that pool!