Sunday, May 10, 2020


In July of 2011, I was asked if I could help a Peke mix at a shelter near me. 
She had snapped at one of the volunteers, so she couldn't be adopted out publicly.   I found out that the volunteer wanted to adopt her, but rules are rules, and she had to go to rescue first. 
Not a problem.  I went up to get her-- and guess what?   She was not a Peke.  I didn't see any Peke in her. She was a little Yorkie mix.    LOL   But, she was 7 pounds of adorable.   I knew I was the only way she could get out of the shelter. 
So, I did, and the volunteer adopted her.  Ellie spent almost 9 years with her until she passed away recently from a brain tumor. 
She was so loved by her mom, and was the perfect little companion.   Sometimes, in rescue, we bend the rules a bit.  Ellie had so much love because we chose to detour off our regular path.  She was loved and care for the rest of her life.  She had an incredible life.   Run free now, little Ellie.  💜


LadyJicky said...

Oh Ellie will be so missed and what a cutie she was!

Hugs .

Lost Earring said...

Ellie was one of those cute Pretend Pekes. Adorable and it looks like she and her Mom was the perfect match.