Saturday, May 16, 2020


 Colby was one of the two little puppies we got when we took in the Bristol 18 ten years ago (in September). 
They were so tiny, malnourished, because their mom Brandy was skin and bones.  They were all crated together and their condition was appalling.   
But, once in rescue, they forgot all that and became just adorable! 
Tracey and her daughter went to see them and fell in love with Colby.   
They didn't need to stay together-- in fact, they were both bossy, so they needed to be adopted separately.  Stinkers!
Colby has grown into a beautiful boy-- and he will be ten years old on July 4.  That's the birthday we gave them.  He's "Peking" through the fence. 
He is not crazy about other dogs, but he's learned he has to share.   He wonders, "Who is that beautiful dog in the mirror!?"
He helps with all kinds of things-- like making the bed.
He helps with gardening. 
He guards the stairs!  That's a big job!  He has thrived and is really enjoying having his mom home for working.  What a treat.  He helps with that also.
He and Macy guard the door to make sure no one disturbs their mom while she is trying to concentrate.   From a neglected and sick back yard breeder puppy-- he is now a beautiful and healthy Peke.   RESCUE IS AWESOME!!   Anita was instrumental in helping to get these dogs to safety.  She said, "If even one life is saved, and a sweet dog gets a wonderful home, it is always worth any journey, and it can be counted as a wonderful day!!"   
It was sure a perfect and wonderful day!!!❤️

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LadyJicky said...

Oh Colby is a beautiful boy and when I see him ... I think of my dear Moi Moi .... they sort of had the same coat colours.