Wednesday, May 20, 2020


How can I be so busy during a pandemic??   Minnie isn’t.
She just hangs out and watches me go.
Any bed will do for a viewing spot.
Clara isn’t bothered by my pace.
I’m getting pretty good at giving her sub q fluids.
I’ve found three hanging spots.
She’s content watching me, too.
Inside.  Outside.  She isn’t concerned about how much I need to do.
Homeschooling.  I’ve learned (again) all the multiplication and division facts.
We hang out on the porch to take a break.  A break?  What’s that!
Paddington just wants lap time and attention.
Barty, my granddog came over  
Granger, another granddog , came to visit.  Blue tail and all.
Chumley says, “sit and rest awhile mom.”
I think I will.  Are YOU still busy even though we can’t go anywhere?   How can that be? 🤣

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LadyJicky said...

Very busy here with the usual house stuff and its so cold here ( I think we are in for a freezing winter) , I have zoom meetings with solicitors etc as we are selling my Mothers home ... that has been shocking with this pandemic.
It never stops.
I see you are so busy too Linda and you are doing the home schooling!! OMG ... when I talk to my daughter about it .... I am glad I just have one little dog as my "baby/kid" at the house! LOL