Friday, May 15, 2020


 Last September, there was a puppy that needed rescue.   She was four months old at the time.
 She was a happy little thing, but no vetting had been done.  First trip-- to the vet.
We had a great application-- a previous adopter, so we already knew they were good.   They came to my house to meet Hannah-Berry and they also met Snuffy, a perfect little man.    Who would they choose?
 They couldn't choose!  So, they adopted both, to join their Sunny (PVPC alumni).  At first, Sunny was unsure, but then they became a happy trio. 
 Hannah said, "of course, Sunny loves us!" 
 Here they are, all guarding the street.  It's something Pekes excel at!
 Snuffy has become a great supervisor to his dad's projects.   And with working at home, I'm sure Snuffy and Hannah and Sunny are all taking turns making sure things are done right.
 This face!   Having a puppy foster is so much fun-- but I can't keep them all, and she went to a wonderful home.   But, I enjoyed all the puppy kisses! 
 They are going to celebrate-- you see, today is Hannah's birthday.  She is one year old!  WOW.  Still a baby.
Happy Birthday, sweet girl!!   ❤️🎂

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LadyJicky said...

I am so happy for Hannah Berry and her family.... what a lovely family they are!