Monday, October 3, 2011


I want to wish a happy birthday to Audrey!! She has helped to foster Emmie and today is Audrey's birthday. I hope it's a great day!
Emmie has come a long way!

When she was at the shelter, she was very timid and trembling. Her owner turned her in-- I suspect she wasn't producing puppies anymore and so he didn't want her. She was confused-- but the shelter would not put her up for adoption since she was timid. If we didn't take her, they were going to euthanize her. Of course we took her!

She got to my house and was still afraid-- and very thin.

But, now she will just relax on my lap.

She will close her eyes like a baby and her little tongue will hang out.

"I'm trying to sleep." Can you see her forehead hair standing up. It's so cute.

Emmie LOVES to be outside. She loves the yard and the deck and exploring. I wonder if she ever had this before. She is making up for lost time.

"The sun is in my eyes."

"I think I'll just veg out and chew on a stick."

My goodness, your tongue is long.

I think she got tired of me taking her pictures. She walked behind the plants....

Or maybe she was just tired. So, she went and curled up in a pink bed and went to sleep. Those pink beds are still getting a lot of use-- I may have to buy some more!! Here's a video of Emmie on the deck-- she loves to play and prance and be a total sweetheart now: Click here: Emmie - YouTube


lady jicky said...

Oh Linda - this is such a sweet girl !

lady jicky said...

She is a sweetie and you have to love a pink bed!!

emilyp said...

She is a true cutie pie!!

Doris Sturm said...

Emmie is simply adorable...what a pretty little Peke :-)